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  CAW Local 1075 has numerous standing committees available to assist any members or answer any questions. For contact information, please contact the Union Office or your Shop Stewart.

Wade Hovi
Members: Robert Krolikowski, Raymond Zeni

Bargaining Committee
Ron Frost - Chair
Members: Larry Huber - (Vice Chair), Rick Poole (Recording Secretary), Terry Molly, Darren Treleaven, Jesse Rojik, Pat Buzzi

Card And Credentials
Wad Hovi
Members: Greg Wilson

Constitution And By-Laws Committee
Carl Hogard
Members: Shamus Cavner, Jennifer Morton

Education Committee
Dana Dahl
Members: Pat Buzzi, Russ Aiken, T-Jay Hook, Henry Vanschie

Election Committee
Justin Roberts - Chair
Members: John Crawford-Bell, John Sturdivant, Joe Opaski, Fab Casoria, Kyle Delin, Sheila Tougas, Darren Treleaven,

Employee Assistance - Substance Abuse Committee
Paul Cairns - Chair
Members: Paul Cooke, Carolyn Essex

Health & Safety Committee
Larry Huber - Chair
Members: Tery Molly, Mitch Hansen

Human Rights Committee
Shawna Brown - Chair
Members: Lorraine Genereux, Justin Roberts, Sheila Tougas

Inclusiveness Committee
Kelli Carr
Members: Kaela West, Jenessa Veitch

News And Views
Rick Poole - Chair
Members: T-Jay Hook, Elroy Koetter

Recreation Committee
Ron Frost
Members: Justin Roberts, Jen Morton, T-Jay Hook, Jesse Rojik, Patricia DePiero

Dominic Pasqualino
Members: Sal Marasco, Pat Buzzi, Robin Rickards, Mike Berlinquette, C.J. Hanlon, Justin Roberts, Al Timko, T-Jay Hook

U.I./E.I. Committee
C.J. Hanlon - Chair
Members: Sal Marasco, Justin Roberts

Unifor Council & Convention
Carl Hogard
Members: Rick Poole, Sue Sidlar, Dominic Pasqualino

Unions In Politics
T.J. Hook
Members: Richard Kuzma, Robin Rickards, Ralph Day

Woman's Advocate
Shelly Reitberger
Members: Shelly Reitberger

Woman's Committee
Catherine Deas
Members: Deborah Park, Sheila Tougas

WSIB Committee
Carmine Felice
Members: Rick Poole, T-Jay Hook

Youth Committee - Environment Committee
Brent Fletcher - Sal Marosco
Members: Shamus Cavner, Justin Roberts Shamus Cavner, Richard Kuzma

Last Updated: August 22, 2017 2:22:03 PM