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Executive          Reps              
  Unifor Local 1075 has 12 elected positions on its Executive Board. Executive elections are held every three years.

Dominic Pasqualino
Title: President
Name: Dominic Pasqualino
Phone: 807.620.3135
E-mail: dpasqualinocaw@tbaytel.net

T-Jay Hook
Title: Vice President
Name: T-Jay Hook
E-mail: tjhook@tbaytel.net

Carl Hogard
Title: Financial Secretary
Name: Carl Hogard

Rick Poole
Title: Recording Secretary
Name: Rick Poole

Title: Trustee
Name: Larry Hogard

Title: Trustee
Name: Jen Morton

Pat Buzzi
Title: Trustee
Name: Pat Buzzi

Russ Aiken
Title: Guide
Name: Russ Aiken

Title: Sergeant at Arms
Name: Wade Hovi

Ron Frost
Title: Bargaining Chair
Name: Ron Frost
Phone: 807.475.2828
E-mail: rfrostcaw@tbaytel.net

T-Jay Hook
Title: Chief Steward
Name: T-Jay Hook

Dana Dahl
Title: Education Committee Chair
Name: Dana Dahl

Title: Retiree Chair
Name: Debi Lacroix
E-mail: djlacroix@tbaytel.net

Larry Huber
Title: Health And Safety Comittee
Name: Larry Huber


Last Updated: August 30, 2017 10:45:48 AM