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,CAW Council Delegates
Members: ____________________________________________________________ Brampton Assembly Plant: Leon Rideout, Ardis Snow, Bill Turner, Maurice Kenny, Jaspal Brar, Mike Allen, Cammie Peirce, LIsa Contini, Wayne Hunter, ____________________________________________________________________ Benteler: Brian Harkness, Brian Gorman _______________________________________________________________________ BFG Foods: Warren Jackson, Leo Halloway, ___________________________________________________________________ Other Units: Todd Riverso, Rob Powers, Gwen Campbell

.Brampton Mississauga Labour Council Delegates
Members: Gwen Campbell, Mike Piane, Motilall Sarjoo, Mike Salic, Jim McDowell, Jennifer Wells, ____________________________________________________________________

By Laws
Chairperson: Gail Luyben-Powers
Members: BAP: Ardis Snow

Community Service
Chairperson: John More
Members: .

Consumer Affairs
Chairperson: Richard Ramadhin
Members: .

Chairperson: Bill Turner
Members: Mark Keir,

Employee/Famiily Assistance Program
Chairperson: Phyllis Foster
Members: .

Chairperson: Michel LePage
Members: .

Hall Committee
Wolf Pohl & Ivan Mihelic
Members: )

Health & Safety
Chairperson: Sam Manak
Members: .

Human Rights
Chairperson: Mike Allen
Members: .

Local 1285 Strike Committee
Mike Piane
Members: .

Local Election
Chairperson: Mary Lou Muck
Members: .

Chairperson: Chris Mackey
Members: .Mark Keir, Lori Kerr

Chairperson: Dave Eckersley
Members: .

Union in Politics Committee
Chairperson: James McDowell
Members: .

Union Label
Chairperson: Lori Kerr
Members: .

Chairperson: Gwen Campbell
Members: .

Workers of Colour
Chairperson: Trish Brown
Members: .

Chairperson: Ashley Jackman
Members: .

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