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  The following is a list of the elected members of Local 1498 Executive Board:

Title: President
Name: Steve Morash
Phone: 519.973.2165
E-mail: steve.morash@fcagroup.com

Title: Vice President
Name: Mark Sementelli
Phone: 519.973.2568
E-mail: mark.sementilli@fcagroup.com

Title: Financial Secretary
Name: Charmain Turton
Phone: 519.973.2228
E-mail: charmaine.turton@fcagroup.com

Title: Recording Secretary
Name: Andrea Bois
Phone: 519.973.2307
E-mail: ab86@chrysler.com

Title: Trustee
Name: Domenic Bressan
Phone: 519.973.3507
E-mail: domenic.bressan@fcagroup.com

Title: Trustee
Name: Alison St. Pierre
Phone: 519.973.2489
E-mail: as192@chrysler.com

Title: Trustee
Name: Stephanie Stojkovski
Phone: 519.973.2532
E-mail: stephanie.stojkovski@fcagroup.com

Title: Guide
Name: Jennifer Kreibich
Phone: 519.973.3527
E-mail: jkk6@chrysler.com

Title: Sgt-At-Arms
Name: Natasha Davis
Phone: 519.973.2489
E-mail: nad3@chrysler.com

Title: Member-At-Large: Engineering
Name: Sim Toor
Phone: 519.973.2736
E-mail: simranpal.toor@fcagroup.com

Title: Retirees
Name: Larry Garvey
Phone: 519.736.5998
E-mail: jeanlarrygarvey@sympatico.ca


Last Updated: March 21, 2017 2:31:45 PM