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Local 1769 and the Federal Election Part II
October 10, 2008 - 12:32am EST
What scares me the most, is that there are those out there who don’t even think this is happening, that the CAW members are just whining because we aren’t getting the wage increase that we are used to getting.
But pay attention… its everywhere

Every time you open the paper, every time you turn on the TV. you see more job loss.
How many plant closures does it take to convince everyone that this is a very serious problem and unless we do something about it, there will be nothing to stop our plants from being next.

Do the conservatives think there is a problem? No… they say we are doing just fine exporting our natural recourses to the rest of the world, and that is making up for the loss of manufacturing. Well let me say this… Almost every country in the world is doing everything they can to wean themselves from dependency on oil, and to go electric.

Where will all the jobs be then, when no one is buying oil anymore, and we have no more trees to cut down and sell?
Unfair trade agreements in my opinion is the number killer of manufacturing jobs

Foreign automakers can sell all the vehicles they want in Canada, but we are limited as to how many we can sell in other countries, so our ability to sell outside Canada is virtually none existent, and we are facing more competition from foreign manufactures than ever before (putting money into foreign economies, not our own)

It should be Fair Trade, not Free Trade.

If companies want to sell in Canada, they should build in Canada. Conveniently, one of Local conservative MP’s owns a dealership selling foreign cars. The conservatives aren’t fighting for our jobs, so If we don’t fight for our right to work in Canada, then who will? Oil prices are killing us – but it’s a double edged sword

The price of oil rising and our ability to sell it at a high price has forced the loonie to rise artificially According to the conservative government, our ability to provide our oil amongst other natural resources is helping keep our economy afloat.

But this will last only so long as foreign countries must depend on our oil.
The top objective for both democrats and republicans in the states is to stop depending on foreign oil. But we sell most of our oil to the states. Not having anyone depend on our oil will certainly bring down the price of the dollar. What are we left to live on then?

To be honest, we shouldn’t have to depend on oil at all. Foreign or our own. Environmentally it’s just not the right thing to do. We have a very skilled population, and an education system that is one of the best in the world. We should be using the skills and education that we have in this county to rebuild our manufacturing sector.

We have always prided ourselves for being on the forefront of environmental issues. Why not take what we have, and be a leader in green manufacturing. Instead of standing idle and watching our auto and manufacturing industries dying, our government should take advantage of what we already have, and invest in it. Try to protect it, and become a leader both in the way of environmental policies (which would include not selling off all of our natural resources). And create a manufacturing sector that will lead us through the 21st century. The conservatives want to privatize health care. Why not, with 10.2% unemployment rate and rising, why should health care be free for everyone?

What happened to this being a social country that has historically taken care of all who live here? If free health care was such a bad idea, why are so many other countries lobbing for it. This isn’t taking a step forward; this is taking 3 steps backward.
This is a government clearly saying we don’t want to be responsible for you anymore. Go figure it out your selves. Well as far as I am concerned that is not good enough. The time has come to do something about it

The CAW has for the most part always endorsed the NDP, whether directly or indirectly.
However, the concern in this election is a government who has no concern for the middle class and poor of this county that is only concerned about the banks and corporations getting tax breaks, while the rest of the country simply tries to survive.

So how do we change this? First, we need to stop the Harper government from at least getting a majority. So the debate is then who do we support, NDP, or Liberal? Many have argued that we should hold strong, and support the NDP, while others have argued that we should use strategic voting. Our local has decided to go with strategic voting.
This local covers 2 voting regions, Windsor Essex – Jeff Watson is the incumbent. And Chatham Essex – Dave Van Kesteren is the incumbent in the Windsor Essex riding – I would encourage everyone to support, the NDP candidate Taras Nadyshak, as he has just as much chance of winning as Susan Wheland. In the Chatham Kent, Essex riding, we are encouraging everyone to vote strategically and vote for Matt Daudlin, the Liberal candidate.

Our reason behind this is simple. He has the best chance of winning.
This is not an easy thing to say, considering that the NDP candidate (Ron Cadotte) is a CAW member. But this goes to show how serious we are taking this, the fact that we are not supporting someone who is both an NDP candidate, and a CAW member.
But the truth is, we need to vote for someone that can actually win the riding.
I have never been one to try and push my political views on others, but I believe the situation that we are in worse than most of us suspected, and if we end up with a Harper majority it will only get worse.

So on October 14, I am encouraging everyone to go out and vote. If you have never voted before, go and vote this time. In the past 6 years, you, members of CAW Local 1769, have gone out of your way and given almost $100,000 to our communities.
Now is the time to fight to bring jobs back to our communities. This may be one of
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Last Updated: October 9, 2008 11:42:44 PM