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The Executive Board The Executive Board is elected from the membership, by the membership of both the Local and the Retiree Chapter. The officers you see here are/were the last members of Local 1967's last Executive Board.

Dan McNeil
Title: President
Name: Dan McNeil

Paul Smith
Title: Vice President
Name: Paul Smith
E-mail: paul@daltonbuild.com

Doug Tyler
Title: Recording Secretary
Name: Doug Tyler
E-mail: douglas.g.tyler@rogers.com

Gerry Watt
Title: Financial Secretary
Name: Gerry Watt

Ken Bradshaw
Title: Chairperson of the Trustees
Name: Ken Bradshaw
E-mail: keabradshaw@sprint.com

Gregor Brash
Title: Trustee
Name: Gregor Brash
E-mail: gbrash@interlog.com

George McGrandles
Title: Trustee
Name: George McGrandles

Ron Biernacik
Title: Guide
Name: Ron Biernacik
E-mail: ron.biernacik@sympatico.ca

Harry Wilson
Title: Sgt. at Arms
Name: Harry Wilson

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