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CAW Local 1967 had a Full Time Health and Safety Rep to cover in-plant needs. We also had a Part Time Compensation and Benefits Rep to cover the needs of members, retirees and their families. The In-Plant structure was a zone structure. There were five Zones and each had a Committeeperson and a Shop Steward. The Reps you see here were the last last Reps in place when the plant closed.

Paul Hasford
Title: Health & Safety Rep
Name: Paul Hasford
E-mail: hasfordpd@rogers.com

Ed Caruana
Title: Alternate Health & Safety Rep
Name: Ed Caruana
E-mail: edmunds.caruana@sympatico.ca

Dan McNeil
Title: Compensation & Benefits Rep
Name: Dan McNeil

Dave Hunter
Title: Skilled Trades Committeperson
Name: Dave Hunter
E-mail: lhuntc353@rogers.com

Joe Cantwell
Title: Skilled Trades Shop Steward
Name: Joe Cantwell
E-mail: dcantwell1954@sympatico.ca

Ken Bradshaw
Title: Zone 16 (Bulkheads & Finals) Committeeperson
Name: Ken Bradshaw
E-mail: keabradshaw@sprint.com

Ed Caruana
Title: Zone 18 (Gantries, Paint & Process) Commiteeperson
Name: Ed Caruana
E-mail: edmunds.caruana@sympatico.ca

Doug Tyler
Title: Boeing Unit Plant Chairperson
Name: Doug Tyler
E-mail: douglas.g.tyler@rogers.com

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