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Title: President
Name: Christian Vesnaver
Phone: 705.743.6370    Ext: 3339
Cell: 705.760.6610
E-mail: Christian.Vesnaver@pepsi-qtg.com

Title: Financial Secretary
Name: Dave Dundas
Phone: 705.743.6370    Ext: 3329
E-mail: Dave.Dundas@pepsi-qtg.com

Title: Plant Chair
Name: Rob gerow
Phone: 705.743.6370    Ext: 3309
Cell: 705.740.5840
E-mail: rob.gerow@pepsico.com

Title: Benefits Rep
Name: Patricia Partridge
Phone: 705.743.6370    Ext: 3370
E-mail: Pat.Partridge@pepsi-qtg.com

Title: Vice-President
Name: Cliff Horton

Title: Assistant Plant Chair
Name: Josh Young

Title: Recording Secretary
Name: Derek Gerard

Title: Trustee
Name: Pat Connelly

Title: Trustee
Name: Michelle Preston

Title: Trustee
Name: Bernie Dracup

Title: Sergeant at Arms
Name: John Clark

Title: Guide
Name: Bob Dundas

Title: Health and Safety
Name: Pete Hoggarth
Phone: 705.743.6370    Ext: 3303
E-mail: pete.hoggarth@pepsico.com

Title: Negotiator
Name: Cliff Horton

Title: Negotiator
Name: Terry Collins

Title: Negotiator
Name: Terry Nunn

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