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  Hello, we would like to indroduce the Executive Members for the term June 2010 until June 2013

Title: President
Name: Angus McGillivray
Cell: 902.867.7509

Title: Vice President
Name: Debbi Kopf

Title: Financial Secretary
Name: Jeanne Doiron

Title: Recording Secretary
Name: Myra DeYoung
Phone: 902.386.2946

Title: Trustee Chairperson
Name: Gail Fraser
Phone: 902.863.2588
Cell: 902.971.0429

Title: Trustee
Name: Alice Randell

Title: Trustee
Name: Terry MacDonald

Title: Sergeant At Arms
Name: Gerrard MacGillivray

Title: Guide
Name: Patsy Nugent

Title: Unit Chair: R.K. MacDonald House
Name: Jennifer Benoit

Title: Unit Chair: Sodexo
Name: Diane Heal

Title: Unit Chair: STFX Facilities Management
Name: Gail Fraser
Cell: 902.971.0429
E-mail: gfraser@stfx.ca

Title: Unit Chair: BCU
Name: Jeanne Doiron

Title: Unit Chair: Bethany House
Name: Darrall Novak

Title: Unit Chair: Community Credit Union
Name: Lisa Reid

Title: Unit Chair:Mira Long Term Care Center
Name: Donna Mcinnis

Title: .
Name: . .

Title: .
Name: . .


Last Updated: June 13, 2013 3:05:16 PM