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Happy Labor Day
September 2, 2013 - 1:15pm AST
Greetings to all Unifor Local 219 Members:

As we celebrate this Labour Day, we have much to be thankful for. The fact that we as workers can celebrate today, came at a great cost and sacrifice. It has its roots in an 1872 strike by the Toronto Typographical Union who were striking to get a 58 hour work week. At that time the blue collar worker was faced with many oppressive anti-union laws. Through much sacrifice and personal loss, workers finally won their struggle, and in 1894, Labour Day became a national holiday. Over the following decades, many other important labour victories were won by the Canadian workers, again at great cost.
We also have another reason to celebrate this Labour Day: this past weekend CAW and CEP took the historic step of becoming Unifor. This is not just a merged Union; it is a new Union that will do things differently. It will be over 300,000 members strong and have members in every sector of the economy in Canada. Unifor wants to reach out to people and groups who have been ignored by government and industry and who have been treated as just another input cost. Young people, minorities, women, seniors, people working precarious jobs, the unemployed, the unorganized, and others need someone to take up their cause and issues. Groups not in a Union will be able to form Community Chapters and be attached to local unions.
Unifor now represents the largest trade union in Canadian history. Its new vision is bold and inclusive, realizing there is an urgent need to build more collective strength into our newly combined locals and to further extend an organized voice, and to ultimately bring more organized labour into our communities to help improve the living standards of all working class people, young and old alike. This is the take-home message that I have received while attending the Founding Convention over the past three days.
Unifor also brings forward a new national leader, President-elect Jerry Dias along with a newly elected, newly restructured executive board. On this Labour Day holiday, I would like to share with Local 219 members his inspirational message to all. It can be found on the following link:
To find out more about Unifor and to see the events and speakers of the Founding Convention, go to:
I would also like to take this opportunity to remark on the success of our Local 219 BBQ, Corn Boil and Golf Tournament held on September 1st in observance of Labour Day. I understand there was a good showing of members, everyone enjoyed themselves, and the weather was co-operative. And we were able to fly our first Unifor banner to celebrate our new Union.
I wish to extend my thanks to the chief organizer of the event, Brother Leo Lanteigne, and also to Sister Loretta Kent for her helpful support and assistance, to those who helped cook, as well as to all the prize sponsors including the former CAW National, to AV Nackawic for the use of a van rental, and to all those who attended.
On behalf of the Executive of Unifor Local 219, I hope you and your loved ones have a great day.

Marcus Wallace
President Unifor Local 219
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Last Updated: September 2, 2013 12:38:32 PM