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Title: Maintenance Shop Steward
Name: Jack Birt (pager#104)
Phone: 506.575.3590

Title: Maintenance Shop Steward
Name: Mike Carrier
Phone: 506.575.3590

Title: Pulpmill Shop Steward
Name: Bill Chatterton (Shift 3)
Phone: 506.575.3602

Title: Steam Plant Shop Steward
Name: Danny Wortman (Shift 1)
Phone: 506.575.3420

Title: Machine Room Shop Steward
Name: Ricky Wright (Shift 4)
Phone: 506.575.3529

Title: Instrumentation and Electrical Shop Steward
Name: Sean Doherty (shift 1 pager#123)
Phone: 506.575.3520

Title: Technical / Office Shop Steward
Name: Brad Hitchman (shift 1)
Phone: 506.575.3332

Title: Woodroom Shop Steward
Name: Ronnie Christie
Phone: 506.575.3361

Title: Chemical Plant Shop Steward
Name: Kevin Blaney (Shift 4)
Phone: 506.575.3426


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