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  The Shop Committee consists of the local's Unit Chair and the Shop Stewards.

Darlene McIvor
Title: Unit Chair
Name: Darlene McIvor
Phone: 902.873.2250    Ext: 1601
Cell: 902.221.4874
E-mail: cawlocal2215hp@hotmail.com

Matt Blois
Title: 9 Hanger Shop Steward
Name: Matt Blois
Phone: 902.873.2250    Ext: 2037
Cell: 902.433.5053

Title: Hammonds Plains Shop Steward
Name: Kelly LeBlanc
Phone: 902.835.4433

Debra Rhodenizer
Title: Hammonds Plains Shop Steward
Name: Debra Rhodenizer
Phone: 902.835.4433    Ext: 128

Title: 1 Hgr Shop Steward
Name: Darlene McIvor
Phone: 902.873.2250    Ext: 1601

Terri MacPherson
Title: Paint Hanger and Process Shop Steward
Name: Terri MacPherson
Phone: 902.873.2250    Ext: 1292

Title: 8 building Shop Steward
Name: Richard Lowe
Phone: 902.873.2250    Ext: 1834

Title: 2 Hanger Shop Steward
Name: Fred Fleming
Phone: 902.873.2250    Ext: 1808

Title: 6 Hangar Shop Steward
Name: Tim Murphy
Phone: 902.873.2250    Ext: 3832

Title: 7 Hangar Shop Steward
Name: Ayamba Ramba
Phone: 902.873.2250


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