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Anti-union attack
April 1, 2015 - 10:00am PST
Attention Brothers and Sisters!
Even though the rules and regulations seem to change on a daily basis at our mine site, I think (in my opinion, which is freedom of speech) that at this mine we are all getting the shaft. Everyone needs to know and realize that this regime wants us be so angry and frustrated that we will walk out the door. Don't do this, and I'll tell you why. If this regime wants to close the mine, there is a clause in the contract that covers severance pay.
Collective Bargaining Agreement is the legal and binding contract that we have with Nyrstar. Article 12.14 on page 43 reads -Eligible employees who elect to be paid a severance, will be paid four calender weeks on basic hourly rate of pay per year of service calculated to the nearest full month of service from his most recent date of hire.-
That means for example, that if you have five years, it will work out to five months of severance. This is approximate. If we walked out, we would lose that severance and the company would be happy not to have to pay it.
So, go to membership meetings, support each other, and above all else, be safe.
The stress of this attack puts our very lives in jeopardy.
We as a local have pulled this operation through some very tough times over the years and economic downturns. We have done our part to keep this place going with junk equipment and our own experience. We can be proud of what we have accomplished. They can't blame us for any of these foul ups. It's all on them.
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Last Updated: April 1, 2015 1:24:52 PM