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Unifor Local 302 Executive Board consists of ten representatives from workplaces in our various sectors and geographic regions.

Nancy McMurphy
Title: President
Name: Nancy McMurphy
Phone: 519.951.0302
E-mail: nmcmurphy@uniforlocal302.ca

Rusty Sproul
Title: Financial Secretary
Name: Rusty Sproul
Phone: 519.951.0302
E-mail: rsproul@uniforlocal302.ca

Lisa Tucker
Title: Vice President
Name: Lisa Tucker
Phone: 519.951.0302
E-mail: ltucker@uniforlocal302.ca

Mary Smith
Title: Vice President Women's Issues & WSIB
Name: Mary Smith
Phone: 519.951.0302
E-mail: msmith@uniforlocal302.ca

Jane Humphrey
Title: Recording Secretary
Name: Jane Humphrey

Title: Sergeant-at-arms
Name: Mary Rymal

Michelle Flewin
Title: Guide
Name: Michelle Flewin

Kevin Phillips
Title: Trustee
Name: Kevin Phillips

Carol Morrison
Title: Trustee
Name: Carol Morrison

Richard Spruyt
Title: Trustee
Name: Richard Spruyt

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