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Coca-Cola Locals protest proposed Local 707 boycott

April 6, 2005 - 06:00am EST

The three Toronto Area CAW Coca-Cola Local Presidents went to this past weekends CAW Council to address the proposed CLC resolution brought forward by CAW Local 707 which would result in the boycott of Coca-Cola products in Canada. Tom Park, President CAW Local 385, Kerry MacDonald, President of CAW Local 973 and Carlos Garcia, President of CAW Local 126 all attended CAW Council this past weekend. Brother Park spoke to the assembly regarding the impropriety of the actions of Local 707. The irony of the situation is that the dialogue on the floor and from the Union leadership was that we as members should be supporting other members by purchasing North American made cars, yet here we had one CAW Local advocating the boycott of another three Local's products, thus putting some of their members jobs in jeopardy. Brother Park went on to point out that should the CAW not be able to repair this damage, the situation would evolve into a scenario where one CAW Local would be fighting against another on the floor of the CLC Convention. Brother Park also indicated that he had just purchased a Ford Escape Hybrid in order to protect Union jobs and a Ford Local was trying to take away his ability to pay for the same vehicle. Brother Garcia of Local 126 then approached the microphone pointing out to the assembly that although he had every reason to hate Ford for their treatment of his ill wife, he would never urge a boycott which would hurt his fellow Union Brothers. Brother Garcia also pointed out that he has had experience in South America and the real problem is not the Corporations but the governments themselves. Brother MacDonald was to speak next but our President, Buzz Hargrove, closed off discussions. Brother Hargrove then went on to say that the National Union is in constant discussions, attempting to put pressure on Coca-Cola to help change the Colombian government's handling of the situation. Buzz then stated that the National office never has nor will support a boycott against members of thie CAW. Please click on the button at the end of the story, "link to PDF" for more information regarding this story. Thank you.
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Last Updated: April 6, 2005 6:22:15 AM