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The History of CAW Local 40

In 1992, the 800 members of the Canadian Textile and Chemical Union (CTCU) merged with the CAW to become Local 40 and home to the CAW Workers' Center. Under the leadership of Madeleine Parent and Kent Rowley, the CTCU was formed in 1952 with the breakaway from an American textile union and also went on to belong to the Conferderation of Canadian Unions.

The CTCU lead high profile strikes focusing on the rights of women and immigrant workers, including Textpack, Artistic Woodwork, McGregor Hosiery Mills and Puretex Knitting. The CTCU represented both manufacturing and service workers but lost much of its membership when textiles became an early victim of free trade.

CAW Local 40 is now comprised of sixteen different workplaces located throughout the Greater Toronto Area. We represent workers in sectors such as manufacturing, textile and garment, health care, hotel, protection services, office/administration and in the automotive service sector.

CAW Local 40 currently has approximately 670 members.

Last Updated: June 25, 2012 10:04:06 PM