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CAW Local 4278 is located in Saskatoon, SK. We are an amalgamated union consisting of 2 units and representing 210 members in Hospitality and Transportation sectors.
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In Februray 2002, Canlan Ice Sports workers approached CAW and asked to be organized. Through much hard work from many parties, there wer enough union membership cards signed and this allowed CAW to file an application of certification to the Saskatchewan Labour Board. The SLB reviewed the signed membership cards and the list of workers which was provided by Canlan Ice Sports. The SLB notified CAW Local 4278 that the cards signed did not meet the automatic certification requriement of 50% plus 1. The SLB then ordered that a vote be held at Canlan Ice Sprots to have the workers decide by secret ballot if they democratically wanted to become a unionized workplace or not.

The vote was held in April, and the outcome for the workers and the Union was successful as the majority of the owrkers voted, "YES, UNION!"

The members were called to a membership meeting to meet with Dan Oswald, National Representative to review their current wages, benefits, and working conditions so that a proposal from the Union could soon be presented to the Company. At this meeting, the members elected their bargaining committee. Chosen to represent themselves during Collective Bargaining, were Mike Heintz and Donna Musty.

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