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CAW Local 4451

CAW Local 4451
Retirees Chapter for CAW Local 4451 started with 25 CAW member’s and 4 associate member’s “spouses” in 2000. Here is a letter from our first Retiree Chairpersondated January 12, 2000. Wednesday, February 16 was the first official meeting. Ed has been very dedicated in signing up and introducing all retirees from our workplace. Some of the activities of the retirees has been to help out at election time, sell t-shirts, attend retiree events, organize bus trips, keep the local up to date on events and attend our union meetings.


Good news it’s happening at last the chapter is a reality 25 CAW member’s plus 4 associate member’s “spouses”. The first CAW Retiree Chapter for Local 4451 in the year “2000”. I would like to thank all the retiree’s who signed up to become member’s and made this happen, without each of you this would not be possible.

Retired workers are the people who help build our union and who now need our help and friendship.

When Retired members were working they had a steward to assist them with their problems or grievances. The Union was always there to help them then, but they are quite likely to have personal problems related to health, benefits or services in the community. The Chapter can provide a great service to it’s members, such as information, social senior centers, hobbies and leisure time activities. We will also meet other retiree chapters and groups in our area from time to time.

The membership will set the agenda regarding various committees such as community service, guest speakers, trips and tours and attend future retirees on day of leaving plant.

CAW Chapter can provide information and service needed by retired workers.
I would like to thank the following union executive members for their support of our struggle to get the Chapter going Bonnie Henderson, Wendy George, Karen Kraemer, Georgina Anderson and any others who supported us at union meetings, etc. This Chapter would not have started without all the help they gave me. Many thanks to all.
Thanks to everyone who has joined so far Hendrika Bechard, Pearl Becker & Spouse, Theresa Bell, Hilda Chambers, Lee Chin, Doris Ferguson, Marg Godden, Annis Innes, Ed Dejoin & Spouse, Jim Luckhardt, Bob Murray, Annabel Oehm, Margaret Payter, Peggy Richards, Ann & Sergio Rizzo, Erika Roeske & Spouse, Marion Ruston, Nina Samms, Joe Savich, Jessie Scheurman, Jane Schultz, Mary Steif, Kay Trotter, and Norm Wilson.
In Solidarity
Ed Jodoin

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Last Updated: March 12, 2006 9:41:20 AM