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Where Do We Begin????

CAW Local 456 received their Charter from the UAW August 17, 1943. According to
info received from former executives, the local was the 13th Canadian Charter
received from the UAW. The retirees received their Charter February 13,
Later in the mid 80's the Charters were grandfathered in with the split from
the UAW to form the now CAW.
The founding convention for CANADIAN AUTO WORKERS was held in 1985. The
units involved at that time were Prestolite, Holmes Foundry, Muller Brass,

In 1937 with unrest from the workers at Holmes Foundry, the workers struck
and occupied the plant, some of the reasons for the strike was the working
conditions including no proper toilets or washing facilities, no lunch room
and the overall state of working conditions, environment and health and
safety concerns.
This was one of the first plant occupation by the workers in history to gain
It was a brutal strike with several workers being seriously injured and
beaten from the confrontations from the Goons, OPP, and some RCMP whom
arrived by train.
Some of the workers homes were ram sacked, destroyed or burnt.
After the confrontation the Sarnia law enforcement officers laid charges
against the workers. The enforcement officers would not intervene until
after the workers were removed from the plant, as the plant was actually in
the jurisdiction of Point Edward law enforcement not Sarnia.

Another strike was long, the Partek Insulations (formerly Holmes
Insulations) in 1993 went on for 7 months. The members stood strong with the support
from the CAW national, many other CAW locals and other unions as well.

Today the local is still strong, the Units and the Retirees
are united to achieve better living for their members and thier community.

In Solidarity,
William (Bill) Hicks

Last Updated: December 7, 2007 3:08:13 PM