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The following is the list of Units for the local. Please feel free to contact the Unit Chair for your site or if no number or email is provided for them, DO NOT HESITATE to contact the Local Office at 539-9024 or toll free 1-800-536-1980. Email: caw@ns.aliantzinc.ca or Fax 539-8421

Name: Susan Gill
Phone: 800.536.1980
Cell: 902.578.1564
E-mail: caw4600@ns.aliantzinc.ca

Name: .Catherine .Butler
Phone: 902.567.7922
Cell: 902.549.2836
E-mail: cbtreeoflife@ns.sympatico.ca

Title: Recording Secretary
Name: Yvonne Cornforth
Phone: 902.539.9024
E-mail: caw4600@ns.aliantzinc.ca

Title: Financial Treasurer
Name: Shauna Wilcox
E-mail: caw4600@ns.aliantzinc.ca

Title: Unit Chair-Buchanan Memorial Hospital
Name: Josephine Barron
E-mail: josephinelocal4600@hotmail.com

Title: Unit Chair--Cape Breton Regional Hospital
Name: Catherine Butler (Tem;porary)
Phone: 902.567.8133

Title: Unit Chair---Glace Bay Healthcare Complex
Name: Jamie Pollock

Title: Unit Chair---Harbourview Hosptial
Name: * *

Title: Unit Chair---New Waterford Consolidated Hosptial
Name: Bruce Morrison
Phone: 902.862.2232

Title: Unit Chair--Northside General Hospital
Name: Bernadette Lovell

Title: Unit Chair-Parkland CB
Name: ? ?

Title: Unit Chair--Taigh Na Mara
Name: Naish MacGillvrary
Phone: 902.842.3907

Title: Unit Chair ICMH
Name: Laura MacDougall
Phone: 902.258.2100    Ext: 1913
E-mail: ianandlauramacdougall@gmail.com

Title: Unit Chair---Sacred Heart Hosptial
Name: Nancy Delaney
Phone: 902.224.4000

Title: Unit Chair---Victoria County Memorial Hospital
Name: Wendy Chaput

Title: Unit Chair--- Peter Pan Day Care
Name: Joanne Kressner
E-mail: joannekressner@hotmail.com

Title: Unit Chair--- Town Day Care
Name: Lisa Gentile
E-mail: blair.gentile@ns.sympatico.ca

Title: Unit Chair--- Victoria Haven Nursing Home
Name: Wendy Chaput
E-mail: wendychaput@msn.com

Title: Unit Chair I Satellite Sites
Name: Joanne Turner
Phone: 902.574.6254

Title: Highland Manor Nursing Home for Special Care,
Name: Wendy MacKinnon
Phone: 902.539.9024

Last Updated: January 14, 2014 11:13:08 AM