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The Executive Board of CAW Local 462 is comprised of members from across Ontario. There are 9 Executive Officers and 5 representatives from 5 geographical Areas within the Province.

Charles Redden
Title: President
Name: Charles Redden
Phone: 866.875.0420    Ext: 210
Cell: 613.222.0580
E-mail: 462credden@cawlocal414.ca

Steve Crowder
Title: Vice-President
Name: Steve Crowder

Ronald Cole
Title: Financial Secretary
Name: Ronald Cole
Phone: 866.875.0420    Ext: 209
Cell: 519.275.7488
E-mail: 462rcole@cawlocal414.ca

Donald Woodcock
Title: Recording Secretary
Name: Donald Woodcock

Title: Trustee
Name: Scott Errat

Nancy Chevalier
Title: Trustee
Name: Nancy Chevalier
Phone: 905.894.8685

Title: Trustee
Name: Andrew Kellman
Phone: 905.681.3701
E-mail: burlkellman1@gmail.com

Title: Area 1 Eastern
Name: Keith Gorman
Phone: 905.875.0414
E-mail: koolking@bell.net

Title: Area 3 Western
Name: Dave Guilleman
Phone: 905.875.0414
E-mail: drg329@yahoo.ca

Title: Sargeant of Arms/Guide
Name: L Vanderende
Phone: 905.894.8685
E-mail: lavanderende@gmail.com

Title: Milton Office Support Staff
Name: Debbie Capstick
Phone: 866.875.0420    Ext: 206
E-mail: 462dcapstick@cawlocal414.ca

Last Updated: February 25, 2017 5:24:00 PM