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Welcome to Canadian Auto Workers Local 523
Located in Welland, Ontario, Local 523 is a small local with a long, proud history of representing Welland workers.

Welcome to the brand new CAW Local 523 web site!

Local 523 was originally Chartered as the United Electrical and Machine Workers of America. As a forward thinking and progressive union during the 1950ís we did the unheard of and broke from the international union to form the United Electrical and Machine Workers of Canada. Again in the early 90ís and looking to better represent our members the local and UE Canada merged with a like minded and progressive union, the Canadian Auto Workers or CAW.

Local 523 currently represents workers at Stelpipe, Welland Forge and the City of Welland. Today we continue the tradition of strong representation for both active and retired pensioners and those seeking help in Welland.

We honour and respect our history built by the John Trufalís, Bruce Smithís and Mike Bosnich's of the time and work hard to ensure a secure and prosperous future for this generation of members and their families.

Last Updated: February 12, 2005 1:53:16 PM