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The Executive Board of Local 8300 consists of 14 elected positions, with representatives from all 4 geographical regions. The officers serve a term of 3 years and are elected by the general membership through a formal election process. The Executive Board meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month. These are rotated through Kingston, Peterborough, Ottawa and Belleville. Notices for such meetings are posted in the workplaces.

Title: President
Name: Fraser (Jake) Gibson
Phone: 613.243.2312
Pager: 613.968.5483
E-mail: cawlocal830@gmail.com

Title: Vice-President
Name: Hope Knowles
Phone: 613.243.1445

Title: Financial Secretary
Name: Brenda Knapp
Phone: 613.243.1347
E-mail: fscawlocal830@gmail.com

Title: Trustee
Name: Kathy Welsh
Cell: 613.541.2836

Title: Sergeant-at-Arms
Name: Sherry MacDonald
Phone: 613.354.0385
Cell: 613.329.2144

Title: Guide
Name: Sylvia O'Brien
Phone: 613.388.1099
Cell: 613.483.2571

Title: Chair- of Womens' Committee
Name: Josie Haynes
Phone: 613.549.0070
Cell: 613.217.7775

Title: Trustee
Name: Kathy Sharpe
Phone: 613.394.8327

Myk Kot
Title: Trustee
Name: Myk Kot
Phone: 613.968.5314
E-mail: myksmuzik@yahoo.ca

Title: Recording Secretary
Name: Richard Pratt

Title: Member-at-Large, Ottawa
Name: Lourdes Marquez

Title: Member-at-Large, Kingston
Name: Sharon Wright
Phone: 613.548.7323

Title: Member-at-Large, Belleville
Name: Everett Payne
Phone: 613.398.6698
E-mail: everett.payne@sympatico.ca

Title: Member-at-Large, Peterborough
Name: Ken English
Phone: 705.742.1479
E-mail: kenglish17@sypatico.ca

Title: N/A
Name: N/A N/A

Last Updated: November 17, 2013 4:09:54 PM