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New Series Meet the Union Member

Mike Martin
He started working for Du Pont of Canada on January 17/1977.In the Fabrene plant. And it was shortly after starting there he joined the Nipissing Independent Union. He worked there for 4 1/2 years then transferred to the Explosives branch, Where after a couple of years he became assistant chief steward for a couple of years and then became the chief steward. Due to the sale of Fabrene, We had to seperate plants and 2 seperate unions, Fabrene became Northern Independent, and Explosives became Explosives Workers independent. In 1980 he became the recording secretary,and 2 years later he became the financial secretary for a couple years and then went on to become vice president for 2 years,and back to financial secretary. In 1995 he became vice president again then in 1997 he became president. In January of 1999 he was president and played an important roll in joining the C.A.W. he is still the president of the local C.A.W. Local 991.
Mike is proud to be a member of the C.A.W. and hopes to stay involved in the labour movement for some years to come.

Last Updated: July 14, 2004 10:50:51 PM