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The National Council is the govering body and functions as a National Executive Board govering the functions of locals 4001 through 4005. The Council Executive Board consists of the Council President, the Council Secretary-Treasurer, and the President of each of the five Regional Locals

Barry Kennedy
Title: President
Name: Barry Kennedy
Phone: 780.930.3079
Cell: 780.232.5766
E-mail: bkennedy@cawcouncil4000.com

Heather Grant
Title: Secretary-Treasurer
Name: Heather Grant
Phone: 902.450.0087
E-mail: heathercouncil4000@ns.sympatico.ca

Title: Local 4005 President
Name: Jennifer Brown
E-mail: prescawlocal4005@eastlink.ca

Monica Hrapkowicz
Title: Local 4004 President
Name: Monica Hrapkowicz
Phone: 450.973.3870
E-mail: monica.hrapkowicz@sympatico.ca

Title: Local 4003 President
Name: Frank Consiglio

Brad Roy
Title: Local 4002 President
Name: Brad Roy
Phone: 204.282.3991
E-mail: bradroy@shaw.ca

Title: Local 4001 President
Name: John Dowell
Phone: 780.484.4883
E-mail: jddowell@shaw.ca

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