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Executive          History            
  The members of the Unifor Hospitality & Gaming Council Executive are leaders and activists in various locals throughout Unifor who are active on matters pertaining to workers in the hospitality and gaming industries.

Title: CHAIR
Name: Dave Reston
Phone: 905.545.8770
E-mail: dave.reston@unifor504.ca

Title: Financial Secretary
Name: Dana Dunphy
Phone: 519.985.2980
E-mail: unifor444ceasars@hotmail.com

Title: Vice-Chair
Name: Jean Van Vliet
Phone: 604.516.8031
E-mail: jean@uniforbclocals.ca

Title: Recording Secretary
Name: James Griffin
Phone: 250.893.4302
E-mail: j_griff13@yahoo.ca

Title: Trustee
Name: Darren Gibson
E-mail: gibdar@gmail.com

Title: Trustee
Name: Corey Dalton
E-mail: corey.dalton@unifor1090.org


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